Bettendorf, IA SAVE Testing

bettendorf, ia save testingPreferred Energy Consultants conducts Bettendorf, IA SAVE testing which is required by Alliant Energy and MidAmerican in order for home and business owners to receive rebates for new, high efficient equipment upgrades on heating and cooling systems. SAVE testing is a way for utility companies to verify that your equipment was installed correctly and working properly. To learn more about how Preferred Energy Consultants can help receive rebates on your high efficient HVAC equipment, just pick up the phone and give us a call today.


What is Bettendorf, IA SAVE Testing?

The HVAC SAVE certification assures that the heating and cooling professional installing or maintaining your HVAC system is properly trained in quality installations and performance testing. Your certified Bettendorf, IA SAVE testing contractor’s assessment will guide you in new equipment and system purchases so that they are the most appropriate for your home, and that they are installed correctly for optimum savings and comfort.

Local energy companies such as Alliant Energy, Cedar Falls Utilities, and MidAmerican Energy utilities have embraced the HVAC SAVE certification by offering rebates exclusively to customers who use an HVAC SAVE-certified contractor such as Preferred Energy Consultants to install or service your HVAC systems!

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Why Hire PEC for SAVE Testing?

A new furnace or air conditioning system is a big investment for Bettendorf, IA homeowners. By hiring Preferred Energy Consultants, with SAVE testing, we’ll help you make sure that your new equipment or system is installed by a well-trained contractor and comes with an HVAC SAVE rating. Iowa’s HVAC SAVE program emerged from the notion that operating performance of heating and cooling equipment does not equate to out-of-the-box rated performance. Since these important appliances can’t simply be plugged into the wall and perform as designed, a contractor can deliver greater levels of efficiency by optimizing and verifying the performance of the installed equipment with Bettendorf IA SAVE testing services.