Bettendorf, IA Solar Panel Installation

bettendorf, ia quad cities solar panel installationOur experience ensures we will design the right solution for your home, business, or agricultural Bettendorf solar panel installation needs. Our customers are very enthusiastic because solar panel installation saves them money now and gives them the freedom to shape their energy future. Generous government incentives make solar affordable and Preferred Energy Consultants makes it easy to receive these incentives by preparing the necessary paperwork for rebates and grants. To learn more about how Preferred Energy Consultants can help you make the right solar panel installation choice for your home or business, just pick up the phone and give us a call today.


Benefits of Bettendorf, IA Solar Panel Installation

The Midwest has many dirty coal power plants and dangerous nuclear reactors causing hazardous air and water pollution. Every installed PV solar system in Bettendorf, Iowa reduces the need for such power sources by utilizing the most abundant form of energy in our galaxy – the sun!

Contrary to belief, recent studies show that the #1 reason homeowners and companies purchase a solar system is financial. With today’s incentives, there has never been a better time to invest in solar panel installation for your Bettendorf home or business! There are many federal and state grants that Preferred Energy Consultants will help you apply for to receive even more savings on your solar system.

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What is Involved in the Bettendorf Solar Panel Installation Process?

Installing solar panels in Bettendorf, IA doesn’t happen overnight – there’s a process for what needs to happen to get your panels ready to begin powering your home. We’ve outlined the five-step Bettendorf solar panel installation guide below:

1.  Site visit

An engineer will come by your Bettendorf, IA property to evaluate the electrical status of your home and ensure everything is compatible with your new energy system. During the visit, the engineer will evaluate the condition of your roof to ensure that it’s structurally sound. He or she will also look at your electrical panel to see if you’ll need to upgrade it. If you need to upgrade the electrical panel, that means that your new solar panels will require more amps of current and the ampere capacity of your electrical box will need to increase.

2. Permits and documents for your Bettendorf, IA Solar Panel Installation

As with any big financial decision, installing solar panels involves a lot of paperwork. Luckily, most of this paperwork is dealt with by us! One of the main things you’ll be applying for will be state and federal solar incentives. In addition to applying for incentives, we will help you fill out other paperwork like building permits.

3. Ordering Equipment for Your Solar Panel Installation

Now that you’re set up with the proper paperwork, we will be ready to place an equipment order. At this point, you will have already decided on the equipment your system will include. Once the equipment ordering process is complete, your property is added to your our schedule. Your equipment (panels and inverters) will likely arrive on the day of your installation.

4. Your Bettendorf Solar Panel Installation

The actual installation is an exciting day for every solar homeowner. We will start by prepping your roof and making sure the shingles or tiles are properly attached. Then, we’ll put in electrical wiring that will connect to your electrical panel and general power system.

After the electrical wiring is complete, we will install racking to support your panels (this is the only piece of equipment that will actually be attached to your roof). Once the racking is level and safely attached, the panels are placed on the racking. Finally, your inverter(s) are connected to the panels to convert direct current (DC) energy into the alternating current (AC) energy used in homes and on the electric grid.

5. Approval and interconnection

The final step of going solar is “flipping the switch,” so to speak, and officially commencing to generate power from your rooftop. Before you can connect your solar system panels to the electric grid, your new solar system will need to be inspected and approved by the city. During this inspection, the representative will essentially be double-checking your our work. He or she will verify that the electrical wiring was done correctly, the mounting was safely and sturdily attached, and the overall install meets standard electrical and roof setback codes.

Following this local inspection, you will be ready for official grid interconnection. A representative from your electric company will come by to do their own final evaluation of the Bettendorf solar panel system. As long as there are no glaring issues, your panels will go live the moment they “give the okay” and connect your system to the grid.

Why Hire PEC for Your Bettendorf Solar Installation?

At Preferred Energy Consultants, we will explore all Bettendorf, IA solar panel options and possibilities with you. By examining your property and reviewing your current energy usage, we will help determine if solar is a good solution and wise investment for you. We will apply our knowledge to your goals and see what fits best.

We also strive to provide our customers with the strongest warranty and we use top quality materials. Our Bettendorf solar panel installation crews are highly trained and possess extensive experience in designing and installing solar systems.When you choose to go solar, choose Preferred Energy Consultants for the finest design and installation of efficient, affordable and reliable solar systems.