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Ensuring Agricultural Energy Code Compliance in Iowa

Preferred Energy Consultants is a nationally certified third party that will test and inspect for the state of Iowa 2012 IECC building code, serving the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Dubuque, and Waterloo, IA areas. We also place the state required signed documentation in your electric panel showing compliance.

Why Are Building Energy Codes Important?

Building energy codes represent a significant savings opportunity for U.S. farms. Model energy codes for agricultural buildings are projected to save (cumulative 2010-2040):

$126 billion energy cost savings
841 MMT of avoided CO2 emissions
12.82 quads of primary energy

Energy cost savings for Iowa resulting from the state updating its building energy codes in accordance with federal law are significant, estimated to be on the order of nearly $78 million annually by 2030.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. residential and commercial buildings account for approximately  40% of all energy consumed. Building energy codes, which govern up to 80% of a building's energy load, increase energy efficiency and yield significant savings for the U.S. economy. Efficient buildings reduce power demand, and have less of an environmental impact, and put money back into consumer's pockets.

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Iowa Building Energy Code Compliance

The key to realizing the full benefits associated with agricultural building energy codes is through compliance verification. Establishing and maintaining mechanisms to ensure energy code compliance is important to achieve greater energy and economic goals. Effective compliance and enforcement unlocks deeper energy savings, reduced costs, higher building resale value, and minimized environmental impact.

Iowa businesses appreciate the comfort and warmth of well-designed, energy-efficient houses. With the upgrade of Iowa’s statewide energy code, buyers now have peace of mind knowing that Iowa farms meet the latest standards for energy efficiency. All new houses in Iowa must meet the minimum requirements of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (2012 IECC).

The statewide energy code also gives house buyers an additional tool to use in making their purchase decision–the “Energy Efficiency Components Label.” This label is required in all new houses and is a way for the builder to certify that the house at least meets the minimum code levels for insulation, window, and heating system efficiencies and other energy features required in a new house.

Agricultural construction is subject to the State Building Code generally is subject to plan reviews and inspections by the State Building Code Bureau.

Not only do contractors, builders and properties owners benefit from this code, but Iowa wins too. Energy-efficient properties consume less energy than buildings not built to these standards. This means less energy has to be produced to heat and cool these buildings which helps conserve our fossil fuel resources and protects Iowa’s environment.

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