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Preferred Energy Consultants is Eastern Iowa’s residential energy consultants firm specializing in multi-family and single family housing projects.  Our residential energy consulting team has experience on hundreds of projects across Eastern Iowa. 

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Residential Energy Services

Solar Installation

With advancing technology and superior products, solar panels are more energy efficient now than ever. Find out how we can help you with solar panel installation in Eastern Iowa for your residential structure.

HERS Testing

We can help you determine if your residential energy efficiency levels are compliant with current building efficiency standards, including: duct efficiency, duct leakage, envelope leakage, refrigerant charge verification and building insulation.

Code Compliance Testing

We are a nationally certified third party that will test and inspect homes for the state of Iowa 2012 IECC building code. We also place the state required signed documentation in your electric panel showing compliance.

Duct Cleaning

We have the equipment to clean all types and sizes of residential duct systems. Our portable commercial duct cleaning equipment produces an amazing 4100 cfm of suction while leaving behind hospital quality air. The HEPA filtration system removes 99.9% down to .05 microns.

SAVE Testing

SAVE testing is a way for utility companies to verify that your equipment was installed correctly and working properly. We have multiple SAVE certified technician on staff, and have completed thousands of SAVE tests for homeowners and HVAC companies.


The majority of homes we see suffer from issues due to leaky duct work not delivering conditioned air where it is meant to go. Aerosealing is a simple, yet revolutionary process that seals leaky duct work from the inside.

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