Solar Installation

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Switch to Green Energy with Residential Solar Panel Installation

Preferred Energy Consultants provides solar panel installation and installs photovoltaic solar systems for residential clients throughout Eastern Iowa in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Dubuque, Waterloo, IA surrounding areas. Not only are our residential solar panel systems designed and installed to reduce your energy costs, they are also a great way to make a property more environmentally friendly.

Why Go S0lar?

Much of the world is looking for ways to save the environment and "go green". What better way than to use the best source of energy that nature can provide than the sun itself through residential solar panel installation! Solar energy produces no harmful by-products or emissions, unlike coal.

Coal releases toxins and greenhouse gasses, the mining of coal destroys natural habitats, waterways and is dangerous to your health. Transportation of coal is inefficient and expensive.

Residential electrical costs are increasing because of climate change legislation. Coal-fired plants are closing due to environmental regulations and failing infrastructures. Government mandates are requiring utilities to produce more of their total energy generation from renewable sources, this increases costs as well.

Now is the best time to invest in solar, with rebates being offed from both the federal and state government up to 45% of the total cost of the installation.

What are Photovoltaic Systems?

A photovoltaic (PV) system, or solar power system, is a power system that is designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. The system is made up of an arrangement of several components, including solar panels to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar inverter  that changes the electric current from DC to AC, as well as mounting, cabling and other electrical accessories to set up a working solar system. 


Photovoltaic System Options include:

  • Grid-Connected or Stand-Alone Systems
  • Building-Integrated or Rack-Mounted Systems
  • Residential or Utility Systems
  • Distributed or Centralized Systems
  • Rooftop or Ground-Mounted Systems
  • Tracking or Fixed-Tilt Systems
  • Newly Constructed or Retrofitted Systems
  • Systems with Micro-Inverters or Central Inverters
  • Systems Using Crystalline Silicon or Thin-Film Technology


We'll Help You Choose the Best System for Your Home

Choosing the right system for your residential structure is important. We help you get the best value for money by installing proven, reliable, and cost-effective technologies that meet all your solar needs.

Four Benefits of Solar Powered Homes


With solar power, you can secure predictable electricity costs for your home.


In most states, solar costs less than energy from the utility, so you can save on your bill.


Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal.


Clean solar energy provides us with an unlimited, reliable source of energy.